Frequently Asked Questions about Holiday Home Ownership

What charges can I expect?

Band 1, Woodbury Woods, ASHES 20,21,22,23

Site rent                                   £3650.00
General rates                           £300.00
Electric Meter charge              £36.00

Band 2, All other ASHES pitches

Site rent                                   £3550.00
General rates                           £300.00
Electric Meter charge              £36.00

How long is the season?

Enjoy an 8 month season from March to November.


How long can our holiday home be kept at Castle Brake?

You may keep your holiday home at Castle Brake 15 years starting from the date of manufacture.


Can I make a deposit to secure my plot and holiday home?

You can make a non-refundable deposit of £500 to secure your plot and holiday home but only for a limited time, we do ask for full payment within a month of placing the deposit.


When can I move in?

If the holiday home is sited, you can move in immediately after full payment is received, if however it is not sited it can take 3 – 10 days.


Can I choose where my holiday home will be sited?

If you are purchasing a new caravan, you may choose from the pitches we have available at that time.


May I bring a dog?

Castle Brake is a dog friendly site.